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Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is a condition characterized by a burning or scalding sensation in the mouth without any visible abnormalities or identifiable causes. Avoiding spicy, hot, or acidic foods and beverages can help reduce irritation and discomfort. Staying hydrated and incorporating a well-balanced diet with adequate vitamins and minerals may be beneficial. Stress and anxiety can exacerbate symptoms. Engaging in stress-reducing activities, counseling, or cognitive-behavioral therapy may be helpful. Burning Mouth Syndrome, or BMS, can affect any part of the mouth.

There are two main causes of BMS -

(1) Primary BMS : Primary BMS is identified as a burning sensation in the mouth where the cause is not due to an underlying medical condition. It is believed to be associated with nerve damage. The nerves controlling pain/taste are affected, which alters the sensation and causes burning.

(2) Secondary BMS : Secondary BMS occurs due to certain health disorders. Conditions like infection, allergies, deficiencies, hormonal changes, dry mouth, medicines, etc., can cause this condition and necessitate Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment


Burning Mouth Syndrome is the condition of a burning sensation in the oral cavity even when the inner lining of the mouth skin (oral mucosa) appears normal. Here are some symptoms and signs commonly associated with Burning Mouth Syndrome -

Persistent Burning Sensation -

The primary symptom of BMS is a persistent burning or scalding sensation in the mouth. The burning sensation may affect the tongue, lips, gums, palate, throat, or the entire oral cavity. The intensity of the burning may vary throughout the day.

Oral Discomfort -

Individuals with BMS often experience discomfort or pain in addition to the burning sensation. This may include a dry mouth, tingling or numbness, or a feeling of soreness or irritation in the mouth.

Change/Loss of Taste -

Another characteristic symptom of BMS is loss or change of taste. Usually, the taste changes to metallic. A person with BMS may also feel a bitter taste in their mouth.

Some individuals may experience worsening symptoms as the day progresses, while others may have more manageable symptoms in the morning that worsen as the day goes on.

Despite the discomfort and burning sensation, there are no visible signs of inflammation, lesions, or other abnormalities in the oral tissues. This can make diagnosis and BMS Treatment challenging. The intensity of symptoms can vary throughout the day. Burning Mouth Syndrome often persists for months or even years, leading to chronic discomfort and frustration for those affected. A person with any such condition must consult a Burning Mouth Syndrome Specialist.

How Burning Mouth Syndrome Impact on Life?

Certain substances can make the burning sensation worse or cause symptoms to occur. These substances may include acidic or spicy foods, hot liquids, certain toothpastes, or mouthwashes. Psychological factors such as anxiety, depression, or stress can be linked to BMS. The chronic nature of the condition and its impact on daily life can contribute to emotional distress. The persistent burning sensation and oral discomfort can have a significant impact on a person's quality of life, making it difficult to eat, drink, speak, and even socialize. But all this can become normal, only a consultation is needed with the BMS doctor. Expert doctors at our clinic specialize in Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment in Ahmedabad.

We understand that it is not only a burning sensation but also painful. The pain due to BMS lasts for more than four months. There is relief in pain in the case of the intake of meals or fluids. A person with this syndrome gets taste changes and experiences dryness in the oral cavity. These uncomfortable symptoms are usually localized to the tongue but may also affect other mouthparts.


The diagnosis procedures rule out the possibility of other disorders and health problems. A thorough examination of the buccal cavity reveals the severity of the syndrome. For this disorder, there are measures to manage and treat its complexity.

At HEALमी Orofacial Pain & TMD Clinic, we understand the discomfort and challenges associated with Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS).

We offer the following treatments :

(1) Medication - We use a variety of medications such as topical or systemic analgesics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, or medications to stimulate saliva production to help reduce the burning sensation and manage associated symptoms of BMS.

(2) Oral Care and Hygiene - Our healthcare professionals guide oral care and hygiene practices to soothe the mouth, alleviate dryness, and decrease discomfort. This may include recommendations for specific toothpaste or mouthwash formulations, saliva substitutes, and gentle oral hygiene techniques.

(3) Nutritional Consultation - We offer nutritional counseling to identify any dietary triggers or deficiencies that may contribute to BMS symptoms. Our team can guide dietary modifications and supplementation to support oral health and overall well-being.

(4) Stress and Anxiety Management - Since psychological factors can play a role in BMS, we provide stress management techniques, relaxation exercises, and counseling to help individuals cope with anxiety or emotional distress associated with the condition.

(5) Salivary Flow Stimulation - In cases where dry mouth is a contributing factor to BMS, we offer treatment options to stimulate salivary flow. This may include prescribing medications or recommending specific techniques to promote saliva production and alleviate oral dryness.


We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Our clinic specializes in diagnosing the underlying cause of BMS and providing comprehensive treatment options to manage the symptoms and improve the quality of life for individuals with BMS. Our team collaborates closely with other specialists in related fields, to provide comprehensive and integrated Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment in Ahmedabad according to each patient's specific needs.

At HEALमी Orofacial Pain & TMD Clinic, our goal is to provide personalized and evidence-based care for individuals with Burning Mouth Syndrome. We aim to alleviate symptoms, improve oral comfort, and enhance overall well-being.